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Sunday, January 17, 2010

MGT501 Human Resource Management Solved MCQs 4

MGT501 MCQs Solved

61.  Which of the following tests would likely be considered the MOST valid in terms of job relatedness?


a.  a mathematics test for factory workers

b.  a manual dexterity test for insurance sales staff 

c.  a typing test for medical transcriptionists

d.  a management assessment center for data processors



62.  If an employment selection test constitutes a fair sample of the duties of the job, the test has what kind of validity?


a.  content validity 

b.  criterion validity

c.  construct validity

d.  position validity 



63.  The process of forecasting the supply of internal job candidates would be LEAST likely to use which of the following:


a.  qualifications inventories.

b.  personnel replacement charts.

c.   position replacement cards.

d.  exit interviews.



64.  A hospital that needs to recruit newly licensed physical therapists would probably be most successful by targeting its recruiting efforts toward:


a.  fitness centers.

b.  university physical therapy departments.

c.  internal job postings.

d.  local physicians.    



65.  Which of the following recruiting advertisements would likely be deemed in violation of EEO regulations?


a.  "experienced housekeeper wanted"

b.  "nursery school seeks mature child care worker"

c.  "young man needed for insurance sales position" 

d.  "female model needed for hosiery and lingerie manufacturer"



66.  In regard to employee recruiting, the term "head hunter" generally refers to:


a.  candidates who are over-qualified for the job.

b.  executive recruiters. 

c.  former employees who wish to return to the company.

d.  entry-level candidates who demand large salaries.  



67.  Using the Internet in the recruiting process would likely be most useful when the company is attempting to recruit:


a.  laborers.

b.  data processors. 

c.  mail clerks.

d.  bookkeepers.

68.  The federal law that would be least likely to affect employment references is:


a.  The Freedom of Information Act.

b.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act.

c.  The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.

d.  The Fair Labor Standards Act.  



69.  The most widely used HR selection tool is:


a.  the interview. 

b.  cognitive testing.

c.  the assessment center.

d.  motor skills testing.



70.  If a company wishes to measure a job candidate's stability, introversion, and motivation, it would be most likely to use which of the following selection tests:


a.  intelligence tests.

b.  honesty tests.

c.  personality tests.

d.  handwriting analysis.



71.  Tests that measure traits, temperament, or disposition are examples of:


a.  manual dexterity tests.

b.  personality tests.

c.  intelligence tests.

d.  work sample tests.


72.  Using a structured interviewing technique would likely achieve all of the following EXCEPT:


a.  increased consistency across candidates.

b.  reduced subjectivity on the part of the interviewer.

c.  enhanced job relatedness.

d.  more opportunity to explore areas as they arise during the interview.



73.  A stress interview technique would be most appropriate for which of the following jobs?


a.  an executive chef

b.  a secretary

c.  a paralegal

d.  an air traffic controller



74.  A well-designed new employee orientation program is likely to accomplish all of the following EXCEPT:


a.  fewer mistakes by the new employee.

b.  an appreciation of the company's core values.

c.  an understanding of policies and procedures.

d.  faster advancement in the organization for the new employee.  



75.  In order to lower the chances of lawsuits claiming discrimination in hiring, employers should note that: 


a.  selection tests must be related to the job. 

b.  it is illegal to require selection tests for protected classes.

c.  selection tests need not be valid if they are reliable.

d.  selection tests need not be job related as long as they are administered to all applicants.



76.  Employees who are not citizens of the countries in which they are working are called:


a.  expatriates.

b.  home-country nationals.

c.  third-country nationals.

d.  naturalized citizens.

77.  HR professionals can best promote transferability of training by:


a.   using well-prepared speakers for training programs.

b.   maximizing the similarity between the training situation and the work situation.

c.  using technology in the delivery of training programs.

d.  offering incentives to employees who attend training programs.



78. The most appropriate method of assessing the training needs of new employees is:


a.  task analysis. 

b.  performance analysis.

c.  cognitive analysis.

d.  psychological analysis.




79.  The process of verifying that there is an employee performance deficiency and determining if training is an appropriate solution is:


a.  task analysis.

b.  performance analysis.

c.  behavioral analysis.

d.  deficiency analysis.



80.  Methods of determining employee training needs include all of the following EXCEPT:


a.  reviewing performance appraisals.

b.  analyzing customer complaints.

c.  interviewing employees and supervisors.

d.  examining compensation records.