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Saturday, January 2, 2010

MGT602 Entrepreneurship Solved MCQ from Quiz # 02

Solved MCQ from  Quiz No 2

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Question # 1 of 20 ( Start time: 05:04:17 PM )  Total Marks: 1 
The creative process for problem solvin that involves makin the stranefamiliar in first step and then makin the familiar strane throuh personal, direct or symbolic analoy is called: 
Select correct option: 

ordon method
Checklist method
Scientific method Bottom of Form

Question # 2 of 20 ( Start time: 05:05:43 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Which of the followin is included in the description of the business?
Select correct option:

Products offered
All of the iven options

Question # 3 of 20 ( Start time: 05:06:59 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Which of the followin can not be covered under the copyriht protection?
Select correct option:

Computer software
Computer hardware
Poems and sons
Models and sculpture

Question # 8 of 20 ( Start time: 05:10:58 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Why should an entrepreneur do a feasibility study?
Select correct option:

To see if there are possible barriers to success
To identify possible sources of funds
To estimate the expected sales
To explore potential customers

Question # 9 of 20 ( Start time: 05:11:23 PM )  Total Marks: 1
In an international perspective, which of the followin decisions are NOT covered under strateic plannin of an entrepreneur?
Select correct option:

What are unique characteristics of each market?
Who should be involved in marketin decisions?
What customer benefits are provided by the product?
What are the company's major strenths and weaknesses?

Question # 10 of 20 ( Start time: 05:12:48 PM )  Total Marks: 1
All of the followin are essential to maintain secrecy EXCEPT:
Select correct option:

Train employees to refer sensitive questions to one person
Discuss business in public places
Provide escorts for all office visitors
Use simple security such as locked file cabinets

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Question # 11 of 20 ( Start time: 05:14:09 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Which one of the followin contracts should be in written?
Select correct option: 

Real estates
All of the iven options

Question # 12 of 20 ( Start time: 05:14:25 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Which one of the factors should be considered while assessin the space for business?
Select correct option:

Access from roadways to facility
Delivery rates
All of the iven options
Question # 13 of 20 ( Start time: 05:15:03 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Which of the followin is a more structured method of problem solvin, includin principles and rules for concept formation, makinobservations and experiments, and finally validatin the hypothesis?
Select correct option:

Scientific method
Attribute listin
Value analysis

Question # 14 of 20 ( Start time: 05:15:58 PM )  Total Marks: 1
The importance of intellectual property should be understood by entrepreneur even before:
Select correct option:

Hirin a manaer
Enain an attorney
Developin a product
Establishin new venture

Question # 15 of 20 ( Start time: 05:17:10 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Which of the followin is/are a source of idea eneration?
Select correct option:

Federal overnment
Brain stormin
All of the above

Question # 16 of 20 ( Start time: 05:17:51 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Idea of new product is tested in potential consumers to determine consumer acceptance at _________ stae.
Select correct option:

Product development
Test marketin

Question # 17 of 20 ( Start time: 05:18:48 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Followin are the types of non equity arranements EXCEPT:
Select correct option:

Manaement contracts
Direct export
Turnkey projects

Question # 18 of 20 ( Start time: 05:20:09 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Followin are the important aspects of international success EXCEPT:
Select correct option:

Reportin  not sure

Question # 19 of 20 ( Start time: 05:21:40 PM )  Total Marks: 1
Health insurance premium is less expensive if there is:
Select correct option:

One insured participants
Ten participants
Lare roup of participants
Very small roup of participants

Question # 20 of 20 ( Start time: 05:22:18 PM )  Total Marks: 1
The evaluation criteria for the new product should include all of the followin, EXCEPT:
Select correct option:

Determination of market demand
Determination of the suppliers
Pricin and marketin policies of other competin firms
Product should be profitable

21) Which one of the following is the next stage to the Concept Stage of Product Planning and Development Process?
Idea Stage
Product Planning Stage
Product Development Stage
Test Marketing Stage

22) Which of the following contains large number of new ideas?
 Files of Patent office
Official Gazette
Government patent Board
All of the given option

23) According to the governing bodies of common laws, the life of trade secret is:
Select correct option:
12 years
17 years
20 years
As long as it remains confidential

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